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JP.Rosenquist’s silverwork is truly inspired by her surroundings.

Her home and studio, nestled in the forested hills in the Arkansas Ozarks, drives the designs she creates from a close relationship with the natural beauty surrounding her.

Birds, leaves, and wild vines often embellished with natural gemstones define her work.Leaves and tendrils intertwine in perfect harmony. Excitement is added with jewel gemstones, both precious and semi-precious.

Her work is classic in design, almost Victorian. At first glance you will see graceful leaves, tendrils and perhaps a whimsical flower. But look more closely and deeply into the design. You can see the wildness that exists in nature, the chaos that forms the elegant final work. She gathers the strength of her design by placing it on the foundation of nature. It survives as a thing of beauty for you to behold. She shares this with you, and hopes that through her work and your appreciation of it we will all weather our storms and see the shining light of peace reflected in her silverwork.

Visit me in my studio September 18-20, 2020
on the "Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour"

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"Bluestem Crafts"
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